In accordance with O.C.G.A. § 15-19-51, the Clerk’s Office is strictly prohibited from providing any legal advice. To ensure that all procedures are followed and the rights of all parties are protected, it is advised to seek legal counsel from a licensed attorney.

You may find out your court date by calling either the Superior Court Criminal Docket Clerk at (706) 653-4354 or the Superior Court Criminal Division at (706) 653-4353.

Please contact your attorney to change your court date. Your attorney will know the correct procedures to take. We are not able to change court dates without proper authorization.

Failure to appear for any criminal court proceeding may result in serious consequences. It is probable that a bench warrant and a bond forfeiture will be issued by the Court for failure to appear.

You will be notified by mail and/or by your attorney when you are to appear in court. All notices will be mailed to the address that was given at the time of the arrest. It is the responsibility of the individual that has a case to keep a current address on file with this office.

You may request a change of address by mail. You will need to send our office a notarized letter containing your new address. Please also include a copy of your identification.

An arraignment is a hearing held where a defendant is advised of the formal charges filed by the Office of the District Attorney. At the arraignment, a pre-trial or trial date may be set.

You will need to contact an attorney in order to find out if you will able to expunge your court record. You may go to the arresting agency to fill out a form if you are trying to expunge a record that was dismissed by the court (usually for a fee).

You will need a current background check from the law enforcement to bring to the Clerk’s office. We will review the error before we attempt to correct it.

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