In accordance with O.C.G.A. § 15-19-51, the Clerk’s Office is strictly prohibited from providing any legal advice. To ensure that all procedures are followed and the rights of all parties are protected, it is advised to seek legal counsel from a licensed attorney. Court Agencies

There are several types of restraining orders in Georgia and it depends upon your individual needs as to the type of restraining order you need to file and where to file it. Restraining orders may be filed in the Superior Court Clerk’s office or the Municipal Court Clerk’s office. The restraining orders filed in our office are normally prepared by attorneys and filed in domestic cases. Restraining orders filed in our office are called Temporary Protective Orders or ‘TPO’s’ and should ONLY be filed in case of family violence and stalking. Restraining orders that do NOT involve family violence and stalking should be filed in the Municipal Court Clerk’s office. For more information about restraining orders and were to file them, you should consider engaging an attorney.

Available forms can be found at the Superior Court Civil/Domestic Division Forms section.

You should consider engaging an attorney to assist you or you may contact Child Support Recovery at 1-877-423-4746.

Custody can be handled in Juvenile Court, Superior Court or Probate Court. It depends on the situation. Please consider engaging an attorney for legal advice.

You can obtain more information regarding this matter by visiting the Chattahoochee Family Law Center.